Reinhardt Wilhelm [FAN ART]

Reinhardt Wilhelm, the last crusader 

Reinhardt Fan art

“Honor and Glory”, which is a short clip about Reinhardt Wilhelm, is one of my favorite Overwatch cinematic animations of all time. The 7:25 minute video gives you a bit of backstory of Reinhardt’s younger, reckless and more naïve self. I believe that the event shown in the short animation is the moment where Reinhardt’s views on life got changed to what we see in him in the game today. 

Even though it’s a classic scenario – an old, seasoned veteran and a eager-for-action youngster who doesn’t respect the old man’s opinion, it still speaks to everyone who watches it. We’ve all been young, reckless, naïve and stupid. (Unless of course you’ve been synthetically created with a mature body in a laboratory or on Dr. Junkenstein’s operating table, not that there’s anything wrong with that!)

The point behind it is very simple – “Respect your elders!” which also happens to be a Reinhardt voice line in the game. Coincidence? I think not!

Hope you’ve liked my little fan art of the video. If you want to see my other stuff, please feel free to check them out at the Digital gallery. Also be sure to check out my new Reinhardt digital painting RIGHT HERE.
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