Reaper: Reached Diamond in Competitive Deathmatch

I was playing Overwatch‘s Competitive Deathmatch and reached Diamond level.

Reaper is one of my mains in Overwatch and with him I managed to make it to the Diamond level! I was pretty happy with the results, so I saw it fitting that I make a fan art for the occasion.

Typically I don’t really play Competitive mode because of bad past experiences. This all changes now that Deathmatch has a competitive season.

Reason why I like this one is because the outcome entirely relies on your ability as a player and you’re not dependent on random team mates, who just want to experiment with new heroes. Now in case I come out wrong, I’d like to say that I do like that Overwatch is a team-based shooter and I do enjoy playing with team mates in Quick Play. However it gets really frustrating when someone decides to go solo in Competitive and refuses to cooperate with the other players. I’m guessing that these sorts of people have always been and always will be (unless of course you’re playing with people you actually know).

So here’s the artwork:

Reaper Overwatch


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