Hello, World!

Hello, World! Welcome to my official site and my first post!

Here I will try to keep up posting my drawings and illustrations. This is the first website that I have and is currently the only one I’ll try to maintain.

It is currently under construction, so there’s not much to see here right now but do feel free to check out my social networks, links can be found in this post below. Generally I’ve no experience with maintaining websites and so this is going to be a trial and error type of thing. The learning experience is all that matters right now.


EDIT: This is an outdated post. The website is up and running as of the time you’re reading this. Please feel free to have a look around, if you’d like to contact me, shoot me a message by following THIS LINK.


If you have stumbled on this blog post and you would like to learn who I am and what’s my purpose, check my official About Me page.


Here you will find a link to my Gallery:

*Artworks (Portfolio)

You may also find these interesting:

YouTube Channel
There I’m posting speed-painting/drawing videos alongside with some travel ones.


Geeky-Techy stuff

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