Exposition in Paris, France on 24/01/2019 at the Bulgarian Cultural Institute!

On the 24th of January to the 11th of February 2019 in Paris, France there’s going to be a display of my and Drawly’s artworks. We’re calling the exposition “The Hidden Face” / “Visage Caché”.
Drawly is a fantastic artist that is going to be showing off her pieces that reflect the face within. That same face that not everyone can see, the face that we usually hide from others. Be sure to go and check her website out, I’m sure you won’t be disappointed!

I would like to extend a HUGE THANK YOU to everyone involved in the realization of this event. It was an honor participating in the exposition.

Here’s a link to the official Bulgarian Cultural Institute event in Paris. Also here’s the official poster of the exposition:

The Hidden Face / Visage Caché
Official poster of the exhibition.

If you’re in the neighborhood, please make sure to stop by and take a look inside! There’s no entrance fee and if you’re interested in purchasing any of the artworks, speak with the people at the reception.

Some of the artworks I’ve created for the event are going to be up for sale on my Displate account. Just as soon as they get reviewed and are up, I’ll insert a link in this article to save you some time.

Got the Displate page up and running and I’ve made a collection with 5 art pieces that were in display in Paris. If you’re interested in buying any of them, please make sure to use the following link: https://displate.com/arcanumex?art=5c40c8233508d as it will help me out quite a bit!
Also I would like you to know that the awesome people at Displate plant 10 trees for every artwork purchased through them. They don’t actually plant them themselves, they work with an organization called Trees for the Future.
Source: https://displate.com/plant-a-tree

Additionally some of the drawings are already up in my Artworks page, please feel free to go and check them out too.

If you like this style of drawing and would like me to make you a custom one, contact me via my Contact Page above!


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