Brigitte Lindholm [FAN ART]

Ever since Brigitte Lindholm was included in Overwatch, I wanted to do a fan art of her.

Actually ever since I saw her in an Overwatch Comic, I liked her character. A trusty companion and a true friend to Reinhardt Wilhelm. Her origin story can be found in a YouTube video at the bottom of this post.

Brigitte Lindholm

I did this one, however I still wanted to build upon that, play a little bit with more colors in the illustration. Also I decided that I wanted to include the flail she has, thus this came to being:

Fan Art of Brigitte Lindholm

Currently I’m thinking of pushing forward with this style. I think that there’s something appealing to its simplicity.

Here’s the official Overwatch Brigitte origin story:


Hope you’ve enjoyed this post!


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