“Sometimes you learn more from mistakes than you do from trying so hard. So, anytime you make a mistake, before you get upset with it, look at it. Sometimes those mistakes turn into being the best learning devices we have.

I think if there’s a secret to human nature it’s the fact that we aren’t satisfied. I hope you’re absolutely plagued with dissatisfaction your whole life. Because if you are, you’ll always strive to do better. Over and over I tell my students, if you ever do a painting you’re completely satisfied with, you might as well quit ’cause you have nowhere else to go. ” – Bob Ross

The artworks below were either created with, or a combination of two of the following software: Adobe Photoshop, PaintStorm Studio, Krita, Corel Painter, Clip Studio Paint (ex- Manga Studio) and Procreate.


Original characters, portraits and fan art

Environments and animals